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Ways to Save for a New House

Sep 17, 2019 / Blog

Buying a home is a major milestone for many people. Even if buying a home is still on the horizon, it’s helpful to know what you can do now to make buying a home possible when you’re ready. If homeownership is in your future, here are some tips for saving for a new home. Determine […]

How to Make New House Feel Like Home

Sep 3, 2019 / Blog

Buying and moving into a new home can be a chaotic moment of time. There’s plenty of things to coordinate and manage to make sure the move-in goes smoothly. But what do you do once the movers have left and you’re surrounded by boxes and you have the place to yourself? Making a new house […]

Renting vs Buying what's right for you

Aug 20, 2019 / Blog

Homeownership has been framed as “The American Dream,” but it’s not the best fit for everyone. In fact, there are more people renting today than at any point in the previous 50 years! While there’s no definitive answer for choosing between renting or buying a home, there is a ‘right for you’ answer.  If you’re […]


Aug 6, 2019 / Blog

Move-up buyers are in an interesting position. They understand how to navigate the home buying process, but there’s a new layer of difficulty now that they need to sell their current home at the same time. There’s a lot to juggle, especially trying to figure out whether it’s best to buy a new home or […]


Jul 23, 2019 / Blog

Are you a ‘but first, coffee” person? If so, maybe a dedicated coffee station is on your wish list (or should be!). Having a dedicated coffee station feels like a luxury but is absolutely attainable. Not only will it elevate your morning routine, but it’ll also make guests feel extra special. Ready to make your […]

What Consider Smart Technology

Jul 9, 2019 / Blog

Home automation, once the stuff of sci-fi fantasy, is now a reality in our homes. From smart speakers to smart doorbells, we can now practically fully automate our entire house. Maybe the allure of home automation is tempting you to jump at adding the latest smart technology to your home but one question must be […]

Prepare Home for Worry-Free Vacation

Jun 25, 2019 / Blog

When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to think about is your home. While there’s a lot of things you need to do before leaving, its important to take some time to make sure your home is also ready for your departure.  Whether you’re going out of town for the weekend or escaping […]

Safe Summer Grilling Tips

Jun 11, 2019 / Blog

Summer is on the horizon and it’s about time to start firing up the grill. Here are the top tips to follow to make sure your summer grilling season goes off without a hitch. Be a grilling specialist When its time to fire up the grill, you should be fully focused on the task at […]

Choosing the right neighborhood when buying a new home

May 28, 2019 / Blog

Buying a new home is an exciting time, especially if this is your first home purchase! Since you’ll be in this new home for many years to come, its important to find one in a neighborhood your family will enjoy. Your neighborhood impacts many parts of your life: its where your children will make friends […]

How to create a dog-friendly backyard

May 14, 2019 / Blog

Having a dog and a nice backyard aren’t mutually exclusive! With just a few accommodations, you can create a haven for the entire family. Even if your dog spends most of their time indoors, you’ll still want to create a backyard that’s safe for them as well. Here’s how you can create an outdoor space […]