What You Need To Know

Our Sales Policy

  • In order to receive priority notification of upcoming sales releases you will need to be registered on our community interest list and be Pre-Approved through our Preferred Lender.
  • Priority notification of each sales release will be given to those who have obtained a loan Pre-Approval and have received priority position notification prior to the cut-off date for the sales release.
  • Cash purchasers will need to provide proof of funds via bank or investment account statements to the Preferred Lender by the cut-off date provided for the initial sales release.
  • A loan Pre-Approval Certificate through the Preferred Lender and an initial Earnest Money Deposit of $5,000 payable to Old Republic Title are required at the time of signing either a Purchase Agreement or Reservation Instrument.
  • Priority Sales Release is for non-contingent purchasers only.
  • Sales Policies may change at any time without notice.
  • FCB Homes reserves the right to pre-sell homes.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Notification may come by phone, e-mail or mail. Please be sure we have your correct information on file. We cannot guarantee in any event that you will continue to receive notifications after we make an attempt to contact you.