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Where to Splurge and Save When Decorating

Where to Splurge and Save When Decorating

Apr 6, 2021

Decorating a home can be expensive, especially if you’re moving into your first home from a much smaller apartment. There are a few key pieces you should invest more in and others where it makes more sense to save. Finding the right balance between splurging and saving comes down to making smart choices.

Decorating on a budget doesn’t mean only buying inexpensive items. It’s about knowing where you can invest in certain pieces and where you can pull back and save on others. It’s a delicate balance but helps you to prioritize.

A good rule of thumb is to think about how a piece will be used. Functional pieces that get a lot of use, like sofas, beds, and home office furniture, should be built to last so shouldn’t be areas you skimp. Conversely, decorative pieces that are purely for looks are good options to save one. Here are a few items we recommend splurging on and a few you can save with.

Splurge on: heavily used seating

How much time do you spend on your sofa? A lot of our lives happens on our couches, from reading, watching televisions, to napping. Since it’s one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home, it’s worth investing in a piece that looks good but is also comfortable and durable. For a couch that hits all three targets, you’ll need to make an investment. A high-quality sofa can elevate your home and withstand the usual wear and tear.

Splurge on: a mattress

Similar to your couch, your bed is another workhorse in your home. We spend about a third of our lives in bed so it should be comfortable and supportive! A good-quality comfortable mattress will reduce the amount of tossing and turning, and waking up during the night so you feel more rested in the morning.

Splurge on: statement pieces

Statement pieces will become the focal point of the room and should be pieces you absolutely love. These are pieces you’ll happily take with you when you move. These can be pieces like a special piece of art, suspended light fixtures (like pendants and chandeliers), or even a unique piece of furniture, like an Eames chair.

Save on: occasional furniture

Accent furniture like side tables, nightstands, or chairs that won’t be used much are good items to save some money. Since they don’t get used as often, you can afford to choose items of lesser quality.

Save on: accent pieces

Décor and accent pieces, such as lamps. rugs, throw pillows, bedding, and wall art, add a finishing touch to a room. This also gives you the flexibility to go a little trendier and change these pieces out every few years to update your space or keep up with trends.

Choosing where to splurge and save will allow you to create a personal style without breaking your budget. Spending smartly use of your budget means knowing where you can save so you can buy that special, quality piece you’ll use for years.  

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