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Safe and Sound: Childproofing Tips for the Home

Aug 7, 2018

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to keeping your children safe. While you may have a system in place when you’re away from the house, it’s easy to be a bit more relaxed when you’re at home. It can sometimes be surprising just how easy it is for kids to get into some form of trouble at home, so taking the time to childproof your home is important!
Here are some childproofing steps and safety measures to take to keep your family safe at home:

Nursery and Bedrooms

  • Refrain from hanging photos, pictures or shelves above the crib or bed
  • Keep cribs and beds away from windows (and consider installing window guards) and other furniture
  • Adjust or remove cords from window coverings
  • Remove mobiles or anything hanging above the crib when baby is able to stand
  • Secure large furniture, like dressers and bookcases, to the wall and place heavier items on the lower shelves
  • Install electrical outlet and door knob covers
  • Use toy chests without lids, or very light, removable ones


  • Keep the toilet lid down or use a toilet lid lock
  • Keep soaps, toothpaste, razors and other toiletries out of reach
  • Lock medicines, supplements, and cleaners away and install cabinet locks
  • Place soft covers on faucets and knobs
  • Put non-slip mats in and next to the tub
  • Unplug hot items (like curling irons) and store when not in use

Living Areas

  • Keep houseplants out of reach of young children
  • Add corner protectors to sharp-edged furniture
  • Secure large furniture to the wall and place heavier items on the lower shelves
  • Anchor televisions to the wall and hide visible cords
  • Remove blinds with looped cords or adjust cords so they’re out of reach
  • Use safety gats at the top and bottom of stairs
  • Keep children away from fireplaces
  • Install electrical outlet covers


  • Install door, cabinet, and appliances locks
  • Store cleaning supplies, cooking oils, and plastic bags out of reach
  • Turn pot handles towards the wall
  • Place hot food and drinks away from the edges of tables and counters
  • Place lockable covers on garbage cans or in latched cabinets
  • Unplug and store small appliances when not in use
  • Keep pet food out of reach

Around the home

  • Check the batteries of smoke and carbon monoxide detector in every room of the house
  • Close doors of rooms you want to limit access
  • Put non-slip pads under all rugs
  • Make sure backyard fences are sturdy and lock securely
  • Keep yard tools locked away

Childproofing your home should start as soon as possible since children grow and develop at different rates. You’ll rest easier knowing that you’ve taken care of these larger items, but remember: nothing replaces good old fashioned adult supervision!