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New vs. Resale Homes: How to Choose Which is Right for You

Jun 7, 2017

Homebuyers in the Central Valley have plenty of options when shopping for a new home, from existing to new construction homes. Most homebuyers usually focus on the price and location of their desired homes but it’s also important to consider the age of the home as well.
While it may seem like a simple decision, there are many things to consider when choosing between a new construction home and a resale home.
Cost Considerations: New construction homes come at a premium (an average of 20% than existing homes according to a 2014 Trulia study) but they are also more energy-efficient so your monthly energy costs are typically lower than existing homes. While existing homes can be retrofitted to improve their energy-efficiency, those retrofits can be expensive and you may still fall short of today’s efficiency levels.
Repairs and Renovations: When considering the cost of a home, homebuyers should also factor in the need for repairs or renovations that may need to happen in an existing home. Unless the home has been recently updated, there will probably be items you will need to replace or update. Since new homes are covered under the builder’s warranty for at least the first year of life, the repair costs will be minimal for new home owners.
Modern Amenities: Homes are like architectural time capsules. They are often filled with the features and amenities that were popular at the time the house was built. Depending on when an existing home was built, home buyers may not have as many of today’s creature comforts, like large closets (or storage space in general), sizable bathrooms, or wiring for our modern devices. New homes are also larger than many existing homes.
Location: Existing homes are typically located in established neighborhoods with mature trees and landscaping that are in a more central location in town. Most new home communities tend to be newer, up and coming neighborhoods and may increase commute times for work, school and other obligations. The home’s location will also affect property taxes and how well property values sustain themselves.
Ultimately, choosing between a new construction home and a resale is an individual decision. Whichever way you go, we hope you’re able to find your dream home.
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