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Go it Slow: Benefits of Decorating Slowly

Jan 8, 2019

We’ve come to expect that home decorating can happen in almost an instant, with design magazines and decorating shows touting instructions on how you can quickly transform a room in a weekend (we may be guilty of this as well!). But would you believe us if we told you there is another way to decorate?

Instead of rushing through decorating (or redecorating) your home, consider slowing down to decorate at a slower pace. Read on for some benefits of opting for a “slow and steady” decorating pace.

You’re able to dial into your true design style

A lot of people simply don’t know what their decorating style is. Usually, what we think we love is really just what we’re used to seeing. Taking a deliberate approach to decorating allows you time to pinpoint the decorating style that truly resonates with you and works with how your family lives.

You skip the trends

When you decorate your home all at once, you tend to rely on what’s available in stores now, often times leaving you with a house full of trendy furniture that’s bound to fall out of fashion soon.

You save money

Often, the home improvement shows and stories that emphasis quick and easy decorating tips opt for inexpensive furniture to fill a home. While you’re able to put together a stunning home, you may find yourself having to replace these pieces in a few months or years as they wear down. Skip buying placeholder pieces and take advantage of the slower pace to save up for higher quality investment pieces.

You’re able to purchase in classic investment pieces

When you’re not rushing to design your home, you’re able to purchase classic pieces that are styles you’ll find attractive for a long period of time. While these purchases can be expensive, going slow allows you the time needed to save.

You’ll fall in love with your home

Allowing your true design style to evolve over time will make each purchase or addition to your room more joyful. You’ll appreciate the thrill of finding each puzzle piece to complete your overall vision.

By going slow, you’ll be able to gradually create a beautifully authentic home that is a true reflection of your family.