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Garage Organization Ideas for Summer

Garage Organization Ideas for Summer

Jul 20, 2021

Summer is here and so are family trips, kid activities, picnics, and more. With so many activities happening, the garage can quickly fall into chaos. You get home from a trip, dump everything onto the garage floor, and then frantically dig through the piles looking for the items you’ll need for your next adventure. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

We’re here to help get your garage ready for a summer of fun. Here are some organizing tips for your garage that will make enjoying summer activities easier.

Set aside time

Organizing your garage will go by faster if you’re able to give your full attention to the task. Set aside some time, whether it’s a full day or an entire weekend, dedicated to cleaning and organizing the garage. If carving out a full day or weekend isn’t in the cards, schedule several organization sessions over a few days and work for a few hours. This is easier if you have a plan in place before beginning so you can stay on track.

Create a plan

One of the main reasons massive organizational activities fizzles is because you don’t have a plan in place! You’re energized and excited at the beginning but quickly become overwhelmed by all the stuff you end up finding. Before starting, go into your garage to assess the space. How do you want to use the garage? Do you need room for your cars in addition to storage? Do you need space for a workshop area or specialized gear? Keep these purposes in mind as you create your organization solution. You may want to consider bringing in a professional to hammer out the design details even if you want to tackle the main project yourself.

You can also use this time to create a schedule of tasks, especially if you plan on breaking this project out over several days. Focus on one activity per session so you can effectively use your time.

Clear everything out

This will be part of your biggest task. Set up several areas on your driveway for the following categories: keep, toss, recycle, and donate. As you remove items from the garage, place them in one of the four zones. This will help you see exactly what you have, including things that are broken, aren’t being used, or have simply been outgrown. Be ruthless during this part. Thinking you might use an item someday isn’t a good enough reason to keep it. Unless you’re actively using it, it’s just taking up space. Coordinate drop-off or pick-up of any items you’re not keeping.

For the items you’re keeping, categorize them into groups like gardening supplies, sports gear, seasonal gear, home maintenance, memorabilia, car care, or holiday decorations. You will keep like items together when placing them back into the garage.

Clean and inspect your space

While everything is out of the garage, inspect the garage for signs of water damage, pests, or other issues and make a plan to get those treated if needed. Thoroughly clean the garage of dust, spider webs, or anything else. This is your chance to work from a clean, blank slate.

Make a storage plan

Now that you know what you’re keeping, you can create a storage plan. Decide where each category of items will go in your garage and any special storage systems you may need to buy. Use shelving units or wall-mounted shelving to keep things off the floor. This will maximize your space while protecting your items from mildew and water damage.

Transfer items from falling-apart cardboard boxes into sturdy plastic containers. Don’t forget to label the containers so you know what’s in them!

When placing items on the shelves, store the least frequently used items, like memorabilia, on the highest shelves, followed by things you use frequently on the middle shelves, and items you use occasionally like seasonal gear or holiday decorations on the lowest levels.

Maintain garage organization

Here’s where the magic happens: the work doesn’t stop once you get your garage organized. Keep it organized by regularly doing a quick sweep to make sure everything remains in its proper place. Take time to immediately put back items after using them. One small pile can quickly grow into a large mess but one of the benefits of having an organized garage is it doesn’t take long to clean up a mess.

Since garages are high-traffic areas, periodically reassess your space and storage solution to make sure it’s still working for you and make adjustments as needed.

With some planning and a bit of elbow grease, you can get your garage under control for good so you can easily enjoy the summer.

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