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Summer maintenance tips for FCB Homes

FCB Homes Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Jun 20, 2017

Your FCB Home is an investment and maintaining your new home is an important way to retaining its value. Each season brings a different set of tasks needed to care for your home. Performing this regular maintenance will help you keep your home in its best condition.
Here are a few of the tasks you should take care of this season:
Monthly tasks

  • Test GFI circuits
  • Place ice in garbage disposal to clean & sharpen

Summer tasks

  • Seal ceramic tile grout
  • Vacuum tracks and lubricate hinges on all doors and gates
  • Check sprinkler and drainage systems to ensure proper function
  • Clean sink traps
  • Replace furnace filters
  • Check for nail pops and repair
  • Lubricate garage door
  • Clean tracks and weep holes of windows and caulk and spray with Silicone lubricant
  • Drain Water Heater partially to remove sediment
  • Wash your homes exterior
  • Check for touch up areas that need painting
  • Pest control service

Following these home maintenance tips will help you keep your FCB home safe throughout the year while protecting your home’s value. If an issue arises, submit a warranty request online and a FCB Homes representative will follow up.