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4 Quick Ways to Declutter Your Home

4 Quick Ways to Declutter Your Home

Feb 16, 2022

The beginning of the year holds a lot of optimism and potential. You start off with a list of goals and the energy to tackle them only to have real-life say otherwise. If you’re short on time, here are four ways you can quickly declutter your home and still enjoy the benefits.

Clear your counters

Visual clutter has a big impact on our mental and emotional states. That’s why you can feel slightly agitated when you’re looking at a messy space. This is especially noticeable in the kitchen. Store appliances you don’t use daily. Find new homes for any containers, cookbooks, or other small items you have on your counters in a drawer, shelf, or cabinet, and consider scaling back on the number of decorative items you leave out as well.

Clearing the counters can also apply to any flat surface in your home. Take a look at side tables, coffee tables, desks, and nightstands to see if you can remove extra items.

Edit your papers

Even though we’re increasingly becoming more digital, paper still seems to be everywhere! Collet all the loose paper in each room and sort through them: shred old bills and statements and anything with sensitive information and recycle outdated mail like coupons, invitations, notices, and catalogs.

If you have magazine subscriptions, it may be worth clearing out old issues and starting fresh. If you’re a collector, consider keeping the most recent issues on display and storing the older issues in a cabinet or closet or digitizing your favorite articles or recipes and recycling the rest.

Need a bit more help managing your paper collection? Here’s a guide on how to decide what to keep, give away, sell, or recycle.

Rehome items

Ever notice how there’s a certain room where everything seems to end up in? As you go through your home, collect all the items that belong in another room. Once done, sort the pile by room and replace the items in the correct space. Get in the habit of returning items to the appropriate room instead of just putting them down.

Review your wardrobe

Don’t worry; this won’t be a full clear out of your closet. Simply go through your closet and find items that don’t fit or that you haven’t worn in a few years, including shoes. Donate anything that’s in good condition and toss anything that’s beyond its functional life.

If you feel pressed for time, these quick decluttering wins can help you keep your home organized and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

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