New Home Sales - Broker / Agent Policy

FCB Homes deeply values the real estate brokers and agents in the community where we build new homes. We do appreciate referrals from local brokers and agents who direct their clients to our FCB Homes communities. Accordingly, we want to share with you our long-held policy for compensation of local brokers and agents when circumstances merit such compensation. We also want you to know the philosophy behind our policy and hope you appreciate our approach.

FCB HOMES POLICY: For homes not started or released for sale, our policy is to pay a “referral fee” to licensed agents/brokers, who are active members of a local board. For homes that are completed, our policy is to pay a commission of the base price without options or lot premiums. Broker qualified properties are:

  • Your client was not previously registered on our website’s “Interest List” or “Priority List”.
  • You accompanied your client on their initial visit to our new home sales office.
  • We successfully close escrow with your client because of your efforts.

REGISTERING: When accompanying your client to our new home community for their first visit, please complete the Broker Registration form that will be provided to you at that time. While you are always welcome, from that point forward you no longer need to accompany the client to their future visits.

PRIORITY ORDER: Once registered, your client will be added to our interest list. They will receive information regarding future sales releases and what is required from them to be placed on the priority list for upcoming releases. We sell to the ultimate buyer (client) who has a Priority Position (and not their agents/brokers).

OUR PHILOSOPHY: FCB Homes understands that in order to successfully sell real estate, brokers and agents must put out significant time and capital. Likewise, we spend years putting a new home project together. We then invest considerable capital to design and build our community infrastructure and new homes, employ a full-time sales staff, internally prepare sales contracts and related documentation, and spend significant capital to advertise for prospective home buyers. Because of these extraordinary costs, while we are happy to pay a referral fee in the appropriate cases, we do not pay real estate sales commissions or other fees as is traditional in the re-sale marketplace.

MARKETING: Finally, we maintain the exclusive rights to all text, imagery and video assets located on our website or other FCB Homes created marketing material.

We look forward to helping you and your client through the new home buying experience.